Innovations for household water filters

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Company History

In 1987 Aqua Select GmbH was established by the momentary holder.

The idea was improving the drinking water through reducing clorine, chalk and heavy metals.

The Aqua Select GmbH had developed a new water filter system. The specialty: an overrun avoids the dehydration of the catridge and, therefore, the germing of the filter granule.

The formerly patented overflow is applied in all Aqua Select Plus® water filters. Besides many different jug models with new designs and digital sensors, the traditional jug „Aqua Select Plus® Glass” is still a fix component of the product line.


The Aqua Select Plus® cartridges are not only produced for Aqua Select Plus® water filters and fit into the majority of the systems of other producers as well.

Today the company occupies distribution offices in Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada and China.