Filter cartridges of Aqua Select®

More than 35 years of competence in household water filters

Advantages in application

Several co-ordinated filter ranges for a reliable result.

Valauble filter materials care for a maximum lifetime of a cartridge.

In combination of the formerly patented Aqua Select Plus®-overflow device is a granulate that protects against contamination, too.

Universal fitting – even for the water filters for most of the manufacturer such as  BRITA™, Aqua Select™, BWT™.


Tested quality ...more

All materials of the filter catridges are tested and, of course, tested for food suitability for the  high standard of the European Community. This also applies for their application results. During the production of the Aqua Select Plus® filter catridges, they are germinated through an environmentally appropriate procedure without the use of chemicals


















1  Finely woven pre-filter


2  Ion exchanger


3  Activated carbon


4  Finely woven afterfilter


Additional in Multimax:


5 Stable hand grip


DFS   Duo-Flow-System

  • The principle of operation ...more

    • Area of application

      • Household water filters serve as preparation of drinking water from the water supply system.

    • 1.  Finely woven prefilter

      • The finely woven prefilter exists out of a fleece that inhibits small, tight particle, for instance dust, to get into the cartridge.


    • 2. Ion exchanger

      • The ion exchanger (white pearls) filter in the inner cartridge, for example substances dissolved in water like chalk and lead out of the drinking water by binding calcium or plead ions and exchange them against hydrogen ions.


    • 3. Activated carbon

      • Activated carbon (black granules) is heavily porous and has because of this fact a strong surface. In this structure, chlorine and smell disturbing and taste disturbing organic substances are filtered and binded.


    • 4. Finely woven afterfilter

      • The finely woven afterfilter prevents a turbidity of the filtered water through finest ativated carbon particle.

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